Raised by Wolves
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To our guests: We are excited to have you join the Wolfpack in their native habitat. If you are interested in making a reservation for a table(s), please be sure to give us at least a week and a half heads up so that we have enough time to secure you a spot. Please allow us a 24-48 hour period to give you a response to your reservation request. While we do our best to get everyone seated, tables are not guaranteed unless you have a confirmed reservation. If you miss out or are too late for a table reservation, we may offer you a table for a limited time IF there is a cancellation. We do not have a list or queue that we can place you on, landing a table for a limited time is a “luck of the draw” scenario. Once our regularly scheduled reservation arrives for the table, we will ask that you please join us for standing room at the bar. -Wolfpack-


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